PRINT January 2016

Vik Muniz

Curated by Arthur Ollman

Best known for his elaborate copies of iconic images from pop culture and the Western art-historical canon made with materials such as garbage, chocolate sauce, and peanut butter, São Paulo–born artist Vik Muniz is now the recipient of a midcareer retrospective, consisting of 120 photographs and three sculptures, dating from 1989, the year of Muniz’s first solo exhibition in New York, to the present day. The show will also include several examples of Muniz’s recent technophilic forays into the microcosmic, including works from “Sand Castles,” 2014, which features blown-up images of castles the artist etched on grains of sand using a focused ion beam, and “Colonies,” 2014, a collection of mandala-like images of cancer cells and bacteria, both created in collaboration with researchers at MIT. A catalogue featuring an essay by the curator and an interview with Muniz by art historian Diana Wechsler accompanies the exhibition.