PRINT January 2017

Garage Triennial

Curated by Kate Fowle, Katya Inozemtseva, Snejana Krasteva, Andrey Misiano, Sasha Obukhova

A full century after the collapse of the Russian Empire, the Russian Federation still covers more than an eighth of the planet’s inhabited land—home to more than 170 ethnicities, speaking more than a hundred different languages. This astonishing diversity rarely figures into the country’s reigning cultural narratives, which tend to concentrate on the competing capitals of Moscow and Saint Petersburg. The Garage seeks to expand this picture with its newly launched triennial. Under the direction of Kate Fowle, the curators traveled to over forty cities across Russia to select more than sixty artists from various generations and geographies. In addition to a guidebook, the Garage Triennial will offer an online atlas tracking the curatorial research process as it transpired from Yalta to Yakutsk.