PRINT January 2017

“N. S. Harsha: Charming Journey”

Curated by Mami Kataoka

In the painting Come Give Us a Speech, 2008, rows of pastel-clad figures sit waiting. Some gaze into space, others gossip, adjust their saris, scratch. Are they expecting the arrival of a sage, a superstar—or N. S. Harsha himself? Unlike his impatient painted folk, Harsha’s fans need tarry no more: They can visit the largest assembly of the Indian artist’s work to date. Organized by Mami Kataoka, the Mori Art Museum’s chief curator, the extravaganza boasts more than seventy-five artworks from the past two decades. Visitors will meet old favorites (such as Nations, 2007, an installation of 192 sewing machines stitching the flags of various countries) and make new acquaintances (a figurative mural will be produced in situ). A catalogue accompanies the proceedings, though its contributors had yet to be revealed by press time.