PRINT September 2017


Louis Gurlitt, Acropolis at Sunset, 1859, oil on canvas, 29 1/2 × 42 7/8". Neue Galerie, Kassel. From Documenta 14.

IN THE TEN YEARS since the last Grand Tour took place, the world has gotten hotter, weirder, and more divided. So this summer, when the stars aligned and the VENICE BIENNALE, DOCUMENTA, and SKULPTUR PROJEKTE MÜNSTER all took place simultaneously for only the fifth time ever, viewers making the trek had to ask: What is the fate of the union—of a collective audience, a shared public for art— in a time of schism? In the pages that follow, Artforum invited some of the world’s leading scholars, curators, and critics—BENJAMIN H. D. BUCHLOH, DANIEL BIRNBAUM, CLAIRE BISHOP, NUIT BANAI, HIMALI SINGH SOIN, DAVID VELASCO, and DIEDRICH DIEDERICHSEN—to assess these echt-European expositions and their monumental convergences and disparities.