PRINT November 2017

Rindon Johnson

Rindon Johnson, Away with You, 2016, mesh jersey fabric, clothespins, clothesline, six projectors with VR video projection (color, sound, 14 minutes). Installation view, Re: Art Show, 630 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, November 2017.

I’M ALL ALONE IN HERE but on display out there, performing for whomever (maybe no one, my dog, my partner, an entire museum). Whatever I imagine is outside is in here, too. There is no boundary between here and there. I can hear the wind—I must be able to feel it, too. I only notice that I am still in my body when my body reminds me I have a body. My ear itches underwater. Was that me or the UI? I get very close to disappearing without any effort. At this point, I am so used to being many bodies I easily become bodiless. (Finally.) Inside, outside. Right here, over there.

Rindon Johnson is an artist based in New York and Berlin.