PRINT January 2018


Judith Hopf

Curated by Anna Gritz with Maurin Dietrich

Judith Hopf is the first to note that her art emerges from a particular historical constellation: Nurtured in the Berlin scene of the early 1990s, she is invested in an expanded field of “post-painting” practices, collective production, and social engagement, which she infuses with a blend of comedy and critique. It is no accident that her brick and laptop sculptures, prime examples of such idiosyncratic combinations, will be central to the KW exhibition. This former margarine factory in the Mitte district became the city’s pioneering institution of contemporary art in 1991; today, rampant real estate speculation in the neighborhood triggers heated debates about the neoliberalization of culture. Hopf’s meditations on economic and technological change will also be evident in a newly produced film and a work for the facade of KW—both referencing the American architect John Hejduk and the German artist Annette Wehrmann. Texts by these historic figures will be included in the comprehensive reader alongside three commissioned essays and a series of graphic works by Hopf. Travels to the Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen, May 2018.