PRINT October 2018

Paul McCarthy

Bruce Nauman, Clown Torture (detail), 1987, four-channel video installation, two projections, four monitors, color, sound, approx. 60 minutes.

CLOWN TORTURE TORTURE CLOWN Making science out of flutter making flutter into science language as doom thought then through thought as slump and all that as the opposite of clutter the tunnel in the body is insignificant in this case reality absurdity Bruce says have you read Beckett then endless rap action repetition repetition repetition lost ones as we are below grown the clown shits the view from above who is he the clown the other an abstraction discussed disguised the underground architecture separate discussion or is it abstract clown geometry formations similar to the sensation of drowning sinking surveillance of the other the abstraction the ranting music to my ears the car trailer theatrical stage clown platform traverses pulled by a truck trick on board the same abstraction referred static clown who throws treats sweets to unaware subjects the boy body senseless sensations scampers to the trailer gets up close up close too close looks up at the abstraction six inches the other with painted face not realizing that the said trailer four tires two tires each side rolling forward the tire rolls onto his the boy’s feet toes the platform stops the boy shrinks sinks becomes smaller buried in a hole no one hears him he cannot move he is pinned to the ground feet crushed he stands static in the cluster of others the abstract clown looks down a painted covering a mask but not and laughs chuckles pushes his fingers into his eyes the face the boy or the clown and then pitches tosses treats sweets to the others the youngsters the boys and girls eleven late at night at the top of the morning confusion agitation dressed as a clown split personality green on the right yellow on the left pointed dunce hat red dots a man named John tells a story John is in the basement with his cousin Ann fucking John’s last name says John is Fucker Faster the mother up stairs yells downstairs come to dinner John Fucker Faster John says I’m fucking her as fast as I can mother John tells a story John is in the basement fucking his cousin John’s name is John Fucker Faster the only joke John knows the split clown laughs out loud he pees the trickle streams down his leg confusion where do I turn there are four clowns he the clown sits to shit then grunts he has no need for this absurdity everyday activity his privacy this language day in day out talk or language chamber chatter he repeats what he is told to repeat he tells the story over and over again it means nothing to him but it means what to you or me he is an alien a no no no the clown then pees then pees then pees then shits the clown is a construction said the art critic there is a clown to the right a clown to the left a clown in front then confusion the split costume clown age ten the pee runs down his leg cold and wet night cacophony music the installation is a form of music said the father to the young son small clown caused by size not distance large screen projection monitor creates depth where there is none he said then he said what is it or what it is is it and what you can imagine said the young man Ann is an artist now she says nothing but the fear of nothing is the fear of being eternally alone she this is imagination gone wild says the curator Ron death by suffocation buried alive clown jock joke the clowns are told given instruction clown torture quite quite quiet meaning as a body of work entirety absolute process necessity for who for you.

Paul McCarthy is an artist based in Los Angeles.