PRINT December 2018


Heike Geißler

Anne Boyer is an expert in fresh ruptures, new avant-gardes, manifestos, and life (or some such thing). Her book A Handbook of Disappointed Fate (Ugly Duckling Presse) helps me to regain focus when my sight is blurred. It helps me to believe again in tenderness when I shout for radicalization and acts of revenge. Anne Boyer writes: “Many lambs work for years to steal fire but do not know what use a lamb has for flames.” I am such a lamb. Forlorn. Misled. Raised on its predators’ rules. But it is never too late to learn when we have the right handbooks. The handbooks that perform their knowledge, their wisdom. The handbooks that prove a world can be changed, and then changed again and again. “Sometimes our refusal is in our staying put. We perfect the loiter before we perfect the hustle,” Anne Boyer writes, and I feel she knows me so well, the binge-watching, overworked mother of two who turns to stone when she watches the news. I knew I would love the book when I read the title of its first essay: “NO.” Anne Boyer knows when to say yes, and when to say no. She provides a smart, wise, and knowing revolution and tells me what I need to know: “Poetry’s no is the one that can protect the hell yeah, or even hell yeah’s variations.” Anne Boyer has handed us tools that are both softer and stronger than weapons. Now we just have to use them. Hell yeah.

Heike Geißler is a writer from Leipzig, Germany. Seasonal Associate (Semiotext[e], 2018) is her first publication in english.