PRINT October/November 2020


AS OF THIS WRITING, we are waiting to see whether Election Day 2020 will mark an end to the hallucinatory nightmare of Donald Trump’s presidency; whether it will constitute a victory or a setback for the white supremacists who enabled him to rise; whether the reactionary violence against Black Lives Matter protesters and other enemies of the regime will effloresce into civil war. We are waiting to see if the unimaginable occurs. But if we are to truly move beyond this presidency and all the forms of violence and injustice that made it possible, we must change in ways that, while positive and necessary, are almost equally far-fetched. For this election issue, Artforum asked nine artists—JUDITH BERNSTEIN, JENNIFER BOLANDE, SUE COE, RENÉE GREEN, TOMASHI JACKSON, TALA MADANI, KENNY SCHARF, TARYN SIMON, and ADAM PENDLETON (whose work is on the cover)—to contribute projects reflecting on a moment that requires us to think the unthinkable.