PRINT December 2020


Mug Shots

dominic Marak, Portrait of a Prisoner: Kelly Bodah, 2012, snack-food wrappers, glue, paper, 10 × 8". From the series “Mug Shots.”

I RECEIVED the September issue of Artforum and, having spent almost the last twenty-two years in prison, mostly in maximum security, I was thrilled to see the articles and art about Nicole Fleetwood and her new book and forthcoming exhibition.

Seeing Mark Loughney’s series of drawings brought to mind my own series of collages (one photocopy enclosed) titled “Mug Shots,” in which I draw a parallel between society’s detritus and the way society disposes of people within its prisons.

—dominic Marak 00152875

Redgranite Correctional Institution, Wisconsin