PRINT December 2021

BEST OF 2021

Ida Applebroog, Indigo Bunting, 2018, UltraChrome dye and gel on mylar, 22 1⁄4 × 50 1⁄2".

EACH DECEMBER, Artforum invites a group of distinguished critics, curators, and artists from around the world to consider the year in art. Eight contributors—Cecilia Alemani, Jack Bankowsky, Lynne Cooke, Erin ChristovaleJohanna Fateman, Sky Hopinka, Miguel A. López, and Susanne Pfeffer—count down their top ten highlights of 2021, while six others—Caroline Busta and Lil Internet, Darby English, Malik Gaines, David Joselit, John Kelsey, and Amy Sillman—select the single exhibition or event that, for them, rose above the rest.