PRINT February 2023


Vivienne Westwood at Buckingham Palace, London, December 15, 1992. Photo: Martin Keene/Alamy.

VIVIENNE WESTWOOD, mutineer couturier and inexhaustible activist, had a genius for suturing extremes: rebellion and tradition, deconstruction and craft. Born Vivienne Isabel Swire in Cheshire, England, Westwood was a primary-school teacher for many years before she and her second husband, Malcolm McLaren, pioneered the styles, sounds, and attitudes that evolved into the movement known as punk. Her commitment to history and radical politics continued to infuse her work over her six-decade-long career, and when she died on December 29, age eighty-one, the world lost one of its last great iconoclasts. In the pages that follow, writer Derek McCormack and designers Patric Dicaprio, Hillary Taymour, Bárbara Sánchez-Kane, and Andre Walker reflect on Westwood’s extraordinary life and achievements.