New York

Arakawa/Gins: The Mechanism of Meaning in Reversible Destiny Architecture

Guggenheim Museum Soho
New York
April 14–June 15

Curated by Michael Govan

Back in the ’80s, when Magritte and Merleau—Ponty collided on their canvases, Shusaku Arakawa and Madeline Gins called themselves artists. Nowadays, they call themselves architects but refer to their “reversible destiny architecture” as “landing sites” for bodies weary of laws of perspective and gravity. Nine such projects—improbable spaces, imaginary gardens, self—interrogating constructions—are on display at the GUGGENHEIM MUSEUM SOHO. Curated by Michael Govan, director of the Dia Center for the Arts, this first extensive presentation of Arakawa/Gins’ architectural side follows the recent completion of two Japanese projects: Site of Reversible Destiny in Gifu’s Yoro Park and Ubiquitous Site at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Nagi.