• Fabrice Hybert

    De Appel
    Schipluidenlaan 12D4
    June 12–August 16, 1998

    For this exhibition Fabrice Hybert is working with a concept of his own creation, CITOXE, which refers to the minimum level of comfort required by a modern traveler no matter where he or she should happen to be. CITOXE is the very opposite of the “radically foreign” (read it backward and you’ll get it). The show, curated by De Appel director Saskia Bos, will include the diarylike sketches Hybert produces on an ongoing basis, “living sculpture” works (i.e., palm trees), and the artist’s signature TV productions. In homage to the primary colors of broadcasting, Hybert is offering three channels: blue (carrying weather forecasts), red (a knock-off Home Shopping Network), and green (focusing on telepathic phenomena), all transmitted live from Amsterdam.