• Andy Warhol Drawings 1942–1987

    Kunstmuseum Basel | Gegenwart
    St. Alban-Rheinweg 60
    May 5–July 19, 1998

    Like Picasso, Warhol offers a bottomless pit for future exhibitions: it’s not only the universal range of themes and the mastery of different media but also the submerged iceberg of still-unseen work. The next shuffle of the artist’s legacy will offer some 230 drawings selected mostly from the thousands in his estate, a production by Warhol specialists Mark Francis and Dieter Koepplin. Although the commercial drawings of the ’50s may be familiar, the later works on paper, which proliferated after the last drawing retrospective in 1976 (in Stuttgart), promise countless surprises, as do the juvenilia of the ’40s. As you survey forty-five years of his compulsive and fluent draftsmanship, expect yet another Warhol to emerge. May 5–July 19; travels to five venues in Europe and the United States.