• White Noise

    Kunsthalle Bern
    Helvetiaplatz 1
    May 21–June 28, 1998

    Sonic boom? Or the sound of one hand clapping . . . “White Noise” claims to be “an exhibition about waiting, expectancy, about silence before the emergence of sound . . . an attempt to visualize the . . . hardly perceptible substratum that precedes the meaningful statement . . . the expression of a ‘climate’ defined by apparent silence.” Nevertheless, the show’s interesting group of mostly young and youngish artists—Lutz Bacher, Jaki Irvine, Liza May Post, Christian Marclay, Hervé Graumann, Erik Steinbrecher, and Gillian Wearing—working in plug-in media (video being a favorite) and installation just might match the sense of promise that curator Bernhard Fibicher finds in blank sound. As for odd-painter-out Bridget Riley, her classic canvases make a visual noise all their own.