• Kinetic Art: Strategies of Participation

    MAGASIN - Centre National d'Art Contemporain
    8 esplanade Andry Farcy Site Bouchayer-Viallet
    June 6–September 30, 1998

    For the reluctant skeptic, kinetic art of the ’60s may recall nothing so much as a splitting headache. This eighty-piece exhibition is an attempt to reframe this body of work, largely dismissed as bells-and-whistles kitsch; when all is said and done, Magasin director Yves Aupetitallot (who has curated the show) hopes to make a convincing case otherwise. The first part of the show offers viewers a chance to rediscover the works of France’s Groupe de Recherche d’Art Visuel and Italy’s groups N and T. In the second part, a parallel is drawn with contemporary art (such as John Tremblay’s and Michael Scott’s canvases) to suggest that these recent works constitute a phenomenological echo of the questions raised by kinetic art.