• The ’80s

    Rua Arco do Cego, 50
    May 13–August 31, 1998

    Now that the ’70s have been parsed from every imaginable angle, is it time for the big ’80s revival? From María Corral, director of Barcelona’s Fondació “La Caixa” collection, comes this internationally inflected, thirty-seven-artist summary of the Go-Go Decade’s “pluralistic mosaic of expressions.” Americans from Jenny Holzer to Bill Viola are on the docket, Rosemarie Trockel’s ideological fillips will balance Georg Baselitz’s and Anselm Kiefer’s painterly Sturm and Drang, and sculpture will be largely given over to the British representatives (e.g., Tony Cragg and Richard Deacon). The Iberian contigent will include Juliao Sarmento, Pedro Cabrita Reis, and José Pedro Croft. New Museum senior curator Dan Cameron has authored a text for the catalogue.