• John Armleder

    Staatliche Kunsthalle
    Lichtentaler Allee 8A
    November 15, 1998–January 3, 1999

    Though most people came to know him through his mid-’80s painting and installation work, John Armleder was in fact a founding member of Ecart, the late-’60s Fluxus-inspired artists’ collective that staged happenings, published books, and created objet trouvé installations. In this survey, organized by acting Kunsthalle director Margrit Brehm, Armleder’s early works will be re-created and documented alongside a selection of abstract canvases and “furniture sculptures”—both of which play on the utopian seriousness of Russian Constructivism. The centerpiece should be his installation of scaffolding loosely based on Tatlin’s Monument to the Third International intended to offer a grandstand view on the proceedings. Nov. 15, 1998–Jan. 3, 1999; travels to Holderbank, Aarau, Switzerland, June–Aug. 1999.