• James Coleman

    BOZAR - Centre for Fine Arts
    Rue Ravensteinstraat 23 Centre for Fine Arts
    October 22–November 1, 1998

    James Coleman’s slide-projection works have some of the qualities of movies—scenes that succeed each other, in sequence, sometimes with accompanying sound—but each scene is held for a while, the multiple frames in a second of film becoming multiple seconds a frame. So they have some of the qualities of still photographs, too—except for their sense of a narrator’s controlling hand. Except—what’s the story? The new piece (featured in both Brussels and the Barcelona retrospective) takes place in a rehearsal hall, with actors preparing their scenes. Given Coleman’s earlier art, I would expect an exacting analysis of the codes of representation and performance, along with elliptical cultural insight. Oct. 22, 1998–Nov. 1998; Barcelona, Nov. 1998–Jan. 1999.

    Also on view at Fundació Antoni Tàpies.