• Rosemarie Trockel: Work Groups 1986–1998

    Hamburger Kunsthalle
    September 4–November 15, 1998

    “Video,” “Hen-House Project,” “Family Portraits,” “Drawings,” “Lovers’ Project,” “New Work,” “Wool” (of course), and “Brigitte Bardot”—Rosemarie Trockel has divided her first European retrospective into eight sections, one to a room, to reflect her media and themes. In the macho German art world of the ’80s, Trockel was a welcome female presence, her work a conceptual power in a sea of overwrought painting; but she hasn’t rested on these laurels, and her art remains inventive and various—as this exhibition, curated by Bette Frenssen and designed for the space by the artist herself, will surely show. Sept. 4–Nov. 15, 1998; travels to Whitechapel Art Gallery, London; Staatsgalerie, Stuttgart; and Musée de Marseilles.