• Douglas Gordon

    Kunstverein Hannover
    Sophienstraße 2
    September 27–November 8, 1998

    Few artists of his generation have been as feted as Douglas Gordon. He’s won the Turner and the Premio 2000 at the Venice Biennial and is in the running for this year’s Hugo Boss Prize. This first large survey on the continent of his work, organized by Kunstverein director Eckhard Schneider, should show what the fuss is all about. Along with such well-known pieces as List of Names and Something between my mouth and your ear, new work will be unveiled. (Those who pine for more can travel to Cologne, where a separate show will honor Gordon as the recipient—surprise!—of the Central Art Prize.) A catalogue featuring texts by Schneider, Lynne Cooke, Charles Esche, Friedrich Meschede, and the artist is being published on the occasion of the show.