• Transgeneric@s

    Koldo Mitxelena Kulturunea
    Urdaneta Kalea, 9
    January 1, 1998–February 6, 1999

    In Spanish, the @ symbol is used to avoid ascribing a specific gender to masculine or feminine nouns. Curators Mar Villaespesa and Juan Vicente Aliaga make use of such intentional ambiguity in this show of work dealing with gender values, sex roles, and notions of sexuality by twenty-odd Spanish artists. The approaches and languages range from the militancy of LSD (Lesbianas sin duda, or “lesbians without a doubt”) and rawness of Jesús Martínez Oliva to the subtlety of Eulalia Valldosera and the soothing user-friendliness of Carles Congost. In general, though, the work that will be on view is less in-your-face than that of Anglo-Saxon counterparts addressing similar themes, focusing instead on biography and private experience.