• Chris Burden

    Magasin 3 Projekt (Djurgårdsbrunn)
    Djurgårdsbrunnsvägen 68
    September 12, 1998–January 17, 1999

    It’s hard to believe Chris Burden hasn’t had a major show in Scandinavia until now, but this exhibition of work from three decades should make up for lost time. Burden’s 1975 B–Car will be presented along with 120 preparatory drawings. The Speed of Light Machine, 1983, a visionary installation that deals with traveling on a more cosmic level, stands in for the artist’s work from the ’8os. The whopper here is Four Bridges, a newly commissioned site-specific piece built with a Meccano erector set. The show as a whole brings together speculative science and boyish wonder—or in curator David Neuman’s words, “toys and transcendence.”

  • Ulrik Samuelson

    Moderna Museet | Stockholm
    December 5, 1998–February 7, 1999

    Ulrik Samuelson may not be a household name worldwide, but in Nordic art history, his environments from the ’60s and ’70s are canonical, and his doings outside traditional art venues (like his gigantic installation in a Stockholm subway station) remain compelling enough to deserve broader international recognition. Still, many installations—Nekromanti, 1966, Caput Mortuum, 1969, Totem, 1973—have not been seen even in Scandinavia since their unveiling. This retrospective, curated by Cecilia Widenheim, will correct that, and also present a large selection of Samuelson’s Duchampian objects and paintings. The catalogue will include essays by Olle Granath and Lars Nittve, among others.