• Let's Go to the Living Room

    The Watari-um Museum of Contemporary Art
    3-7-6 Jinguumae, Shibuyaku
    September 4, 1998–January 31, 1999

    One assumes something got lost in the translation, but the motif of this aggressively antigallery exhibition is ochanoma, or “living room,” the metaphor curator Koichi Watari asked each of the six participants to take as an inspiration. So Japanese artist Kaoru Arima will send visitors on a sort of treasure hunt, Cai Guo Qiang will collaborate with Chinese Feng Shui specialist Kongjian Yu on an Internet site, and 1997 Venice Biennale prizewinner Fabrice Hybert will provide an in situ installation, as will German-American Christine Hill. Meanwhile, Thai artist Navin Rawanchaikul’s project—a comic book—will serve as the show’s catalogue.