• Terry Winters

    Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno (IVAM)
    Calle de Guillem de Castro, 118
    September 17, 1998–January 1, 1999

    In the ’80s Terry Winters winked at his contemporaries’ interest in all things corporal, laying down on canvas organic forms and cell structures taken from studies of fungi, spores, and crystals. More recently, he’s shifted his attention to the techie universes of computers and structural engineering, creating erector-set networks of inextricable painterly lines that open onto infinite architectures even as they insistently return their material constituents. With thirty-some paintings and twenty drawings, this first major retrospective of Winters’ work in Europe, curated by Enrique Juncosa (the catalogue essay is by Ronald Jones), should sound a pitch-perfect retort to the worn-out death-of-painting refrain. Sept. 17, 1998–Jan. 1999; travels to Whitechapel Art Gallery, London, Feb. 1999–Apr. 1999.