• “André Thomkins: Imaginary Rooms”

    Kunstmuseum Bern
    Hodlerstrasse 12
    February 17–May 2, 1999

    Though little known outside of Switzerland, André Thomkins’s enigmatic art was an important reference point for contemporaries like Daniel Spoerri and Dieter Roth, as well as for artists of later generations, particularly Markus Raetz. This exhibition, the first major retrospective since the artist’s death in 1986, will include approximately 300 works tracing Thomkins’s evolution from the early Surrealist-inspired drawings of the ’50s and ’60s to his later, more visionary paintings, watercolors, and sculptures. The show will be organized around key themes in the artist’s work, such as the “imaginary room” (a metaphor for the paranormal) and his fascination with utopian and fantastic architecture.