• Pioneers of Modern Art: Russian and Soviet Art, 1900–1930

    Galería El Museo
    Calle 81 # 11- 42
    February 17–May 2, 1999

    Curated by Juan Camilo Sierra

    Ths long-overdue exhibition will showcase the avant-garde movement that may well have made the most difference where South American art of the postwar period is concerned. Curated by Juan Camilo Sierra, the fifty-plus-work show gives Colombian audiences the opportunity to confront firsthand the work of paradigmatic figures like Mikhail Larionov, Vladimir Tatlin, Alexander Rodchenko, and Liuvov Popova, as it explores the influence of Russian Constructivism as manifested in a host of Latin American movements, including Mexican mural painting. The catalogue includes essays by Sierra and Lidia Romashkova, chief curator of the Tretiakov Gallery, Moscow (which co-organized the show).