• “Chamba Land”

    Fundación D.O.P.
    Avenida Principal de las Mercedes Torre D.O.P.Multicentro Las MercedesHall DOP 1
    January 17–February 14, 1999

    Carlos Julio Molina belongs to a group of young Venezuelan pasticheurs who freely mix pop culture and urban vernacular with historical and political references. “Chamba Land” (chamba is slang for “odd jobs”), organized by the Sala Mendoza’s Cecilia Fajardo-Hill, will comprise three large-scale installations (produced in collaboration with the artist’s family and friends) that incorporate realistic drawings, objects (both found and made), Molina’s own videos, as well as full-length Hollywood movies from the ’80s. The artist’s lifelong fascination with science, drawing, and popular culture should be evident in this show, which also features punk music performed by a band of prostitutes under Molina’s direction. Jan. 17–Feb. 14.