• Marcel Odenbach

    Kölnischer Kunstverein
    Die Brücke Hahnenstraße 6
    February 6–March 21, 1999

    Only after receiving institutional recognition in the US did Marcel Odenbach’s work start getting the attention it deserves in Germany. Now the artist’s hometown museum is honoring him with a large-scale exhibition. For this overdue show, a new piece, one of Odenbach’s most ambitious projects to date, is slated to fill the entire Kunstverein. Consisting of four large video projections, the installation addresses the artist’s own youth and the catalysts of his politicization (especially the slaying of student activist Benno Ohnesorg by the West German police, the Vietnam War, and the civil rights protests of Martin Luther King). Odenbach will contrast his own reactions to these events with the political attitudes of today’s youth.