• Douglas Gordon

    Centro Cultural de Belém
    Praça do Império
    January 22–May 9, 1999

    Young British Artist Douglas Gordon, who is of course really Scottish, strives to elicit fresh frissons, serving up a creepshow of good old-fashioned alienation in cool new art-directed packaging. The Centro Cultural de Belém now brings together Gordon’s twenty-four-hour, slow-motion version of Hitchcock’s Psycho, a number of previously seen installations, and documentation of the artist’s mid-’90s performances “Kissing with Sodium Pentothal” and “Kissing with Amobarbital.” In addition, Gordon is creating three new installations for the exhibition, his largest one-man show to date. The catalogue includes essays by contributors, ranging from intellectual high roller Raymond Bellour to ear-to-the-ground London-based youngster Jeremy Millar.