• Franz West

    Rooseum Center for Contemporary Art
    Gasverksgatan 22
    April 10–June 13, 1999

    “It doesn’t matter what the art looks like but how it’s used,” declared Franz West in 1990, adding, “the important thing is to find a place for art, not a definition.” West has spent the better part of the decade restlessly seeking such places, arranging his signature furniture-objects at the peripheries of those sites we designate for “official” artistic exchange. West’s oeuvre recalls the high theatricality of Robert Wilson brought down to earth by the typically casual facture of his objects. Now West has been selected by the Rooseum’s Bo Nilsson to “self-curate” an exhibition of past work in a new context. The artist’s plans include collaborations with former students, as well as a new installation of previously unshown (but re-edited) videos.