• Wolfgang Laib

    Carré d'Art - Musée d'Art Contemporain
    Place de la Maison Carrée
    March 6–May 30, 1999

    This retrospective of Laib’s work hm 1982 to the present will feature the organic materials and meditative, ritual techniques that the German artist has been using since the mid-’70s: glowing yellow pollen sifted delicately onto floors, chambers built of beeswax, rice meals served on Indian brassware. I am not here, 1997, a flotilla of waxen arks mounted on tall wooden shelves, is slated to be shown, and museum staff should be kept busy replenishing Milkstone, 1987-89, with daily pourings of fresh milk. Aligning himself with Beuys, Laib nevertheless embraces the notion of beauty that the German shaman resisted. This show will surely delight those who like their spiritual therapy served neat.