• “James Casebere: New Photographs”

    Modern Art Oxford
    30 Pembroke Street
    January 24–April 4, 1999

    James Casebcre’s Cibachromes depend on the old Hollywood truth that the camera masks size—that a scaled-down model, photographed, can look quite real if framed in the right way. Unlike Hollywood special effects, however, Casebere’s illusions don’t serve to convince; while the architectures that he builds and photographs are carefully detailed and proportioned, they have an artificial, vacant look, and point to the structures of thought underlying the structures in space. In Oxford, Casebere will show new examples of his recent prison images, as well as new works inspired by Berlin’s sewer system and long-abandoned subway tunnels. The show was organized by the museum’s Michael Tarantino and Donna Lynas, who together wrote the catalogue.