• “FROM/TO”

    Kunstinstituut Melly
    Witte de Withstraat 50
    January 28–March 28, 1999

    Fareed Armaly gathers threads—from architecture, music, graffiti, and television—and weaves them into complex installations. The work draws strength from its maker’s multiple cultural identities: born in 1957, to Lebanese parents in Iowa, he has lived in Europe since 1988. “FROM/TO,” Armaly’s “cartographic intervention,” maps the evolving identity of the Palestinian people, from 1948 to the present. Among the myriad projects to unfold: the journals (faxed weekly to Rotterdam) of five women living in a Palestinian refugee camp in Jordan; hundreds of fin-de-siècle postcards of Palestine; a five-minute Lumière brothers documentary of that region. Crossing media, technologies, and borders, this multifaceted show seeks to put Palestine back on the map.