• Georg Herold

    Kunsthalle Zurich
    Limmatstrasse 270
    April 2–May 30, 1999

    Herold’s reflections on artistic creation are often disorienting but always full of wit and wile. Herold, who was born in 1947, glues bricks to canvases, exhibits hooked pot holders, and fashions roofing laths into sculptures that he covers in text and supplies with titles like “This Man Is Good to His Wife.” Curator Bernhard Bürgi has selected some seventy works from the last two decades, including an installation of stacked pumice stones, lath sculptures, paintings with (real) caviar, buttons, or bricks affixed to the surface, and Herold’s newest objects, painted plates. Keep your fingers crossed: His fabulous Eiger Nordwand—a tiny, wire-mesh mountain draped by a pair of torn undershorts—just may be included.