“Edward Ruscha: Editions 1958-1999”

Walker Art Center
725 Vineland Place
June 12–September 5

You want all of LA culture wrapped up in one convenient package? Try Ed Ruscha's ennui-ridden books of deadpan photographs, Twentysix Gasoline Stations (1963) and Every Building on the Sunset Strip (1966). All right, that's two. It's three if you include the Oklahoma-born, Bob Mitchum-handsome artist himself, whose artistic persona is kind of “Marcel makes a guest appearance on Friends.” And in spite of some very early, very clever paintings, the essence of Ruscha really resides in his work in editions—those supremely witty books and delicious prints. Here, the Walker presents a complete set of Ruscha's titles (all sixteen of them), 200 prints, and various ephemera.