• Ceal Floyer

    Kunsthalle Bern
    Helvetiaplatz 1
    October 16–December 5, 1999

    Karachi-born, London-based Ceal Floyer creates evocative installations by the sparest of means. In a past show, for example, she simply placed a ballooning black garbage bag by the doorway of the exhibition space; in another “white cube” she pinned a cash-register receipt (also white) to the wall, documenting her purchase of, you guessed it, white items—flour, candles, mozzarella. In Bern the artist is showing new work: video installations, sound pieces, and “Ink on Paper,” a series of drawings made by pressing felt-tip pens onto blotting paper until all of the ink has been extracted. Available Light, a photograph made specially for this exhibition, shows only a small lamp, bulb to the wall, its shade turned to the viewer.

    Translated from German by Elizabeth Felicella.