Graz et al.

Steirlscher Herbst 99

Various Venues
Graz et al.
September 25–October 24

This year, Graz’s autumn festival, Steirischer Herbst, includes a retrospective of William Kentridge’s work in the Neue Galerie and an exhibition in the Graz Künstlerhaus called “Telling Tales,” a show of Australian art. The Kunsthalle Feldbach is presenting a collaboration between Soo-Ja Kim and Jeanette Christensen, while Peter Weibel’s Net-art exhibition, “Net_Condition,” appears simultaneously in Graz, Karlsruhe (at the Zentrum für Kunst und Mediatechnologie, which Weibel directs), Tokyo, and Barcelona. “Re-Make/Re-Model,” an interdisciplinary project (undertaken by “work groups” in London, Berlin, and Chicago) tracing the development of avant-gardism in the last thirty years, will result in symposia at the festival.

Translated from German by Elizabeth Felicella.