Hans Hartung

GAM - Galleria Civica d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea
Via Magenta 31
January 28–April 2

In the postwar ’40s and ’50s, arty American sophisticates liked Europe’s cute little cars, but we Yanks didn’t much appreciate the Continent’s cute little versions of Abstract Expressionism. When it came to brushy non-objectivity, we preferred muscle and scale to easel-convenience and lingering School of Paris perfume. Case in point: Franz Kline’s macho burnt timbers in black over Pierre Soulages’s careful viscosity and Hans Hartung’s designy nocturnes. To see if your revisionist muscle has limbered up over the last half-century, visit the Galleria Civica’s full-scale retrospective of Hartung’s art, with 144 paintings and works on paper spanning his full career, 1922 to 1989.