• Fischli & Weiss


    July 15–September 3, 2000

    Fischli & Weiss take on The Visible World, a brand new work of encyclopedic dimensions, consisting of some 2,600 slides spread out on thirteen light-box tables: a dictionary of the everyday or an atlas of the strangely familiar. MACBA director Manuel Borja-Villel and independent curator Roland Groenenboom have also selected twenty other recent projects by the Swiss duo, including a series of double-exposed photographs of mushrooms and flowers (The Monster Fantasy, 1997-99) and a selection of their so-called travel videos, shot by the artists in 1995 while walking or driving through Zurich, their hometown. Several hours long, these videos are impossible to comprehend in their entirety but instead sharpen the viewer's eye for the unnoticed details of quotidian life.