• As It Is

    Ikon Gallery
    1 Oozells Square Brindleyplace
    July 26–September 10, 2000

    “I had that Navin Rawanchaikal in the back of my cab once. . .” The Ikon's contribution to Birmingham's rnillennial celebration, the Forward Festival, proposes an insider's-eye view of the city's regeneration. Thai-Spy-in-the-Cab Rawanchaikal will present “Another Day in Birmingham,” a comic book generated from conversations with Brummie taxi drivers. The ramshackle elegance of a Tadashi Kawamata installation will be set against ritzy renovations in the Brindleyplace business area, and Beat Streuli's project features photographs of local youths on billboards across the city. Approximately forty works commissioned from twenty-two artists are promised by the curator, Ikon director Jonathan Watkins, and his team, Claire Doherty, Debbie Kermode, and Michael Prior.