• Tom Friedman

    Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago (MCA Chicago)
    220 East Chicago Avenue
    July 8–September 24, 2000

    How long will Tom Friedman's show be? I mean, how much time will it actually contain? The number will have to be huge, judging from the works that tell you their share of it—1000 Hours of Staring, 1992-97, say, a piece of paper that Friedman has stared at for 1,000 hours. Claiming to be “all the words in the English language written on a large sheet of paper,” Everything, 1992-95, must also have taken a while; and then there's the arrangement of 30,000 toothpicks, from 1995. See the show, though, and you'll still be just an hour or two older when you leave, which has to be a bargain.