• House Show: The House in Art

    Deichtorhallen Hamburg
    Deichtorstrasse 1 + 2
    May 12–September 7, 2000

    Of late it seems every second artist has something to say about a subject regular folks from Martha to Hillary also get passionate about: the house. Tapping into the art-world rage for things architectural, Deichtorhallen curator Zdenek Felix has assembled a wide range of works that probe the “conceptual, sociological, ecological, political, and aesthetic” implications of the domestic structure. Whether this eclectic selection of roughly one hundred works, including photography, video, models, and full-scale prototypes by the likes of Andreas Gursky, Fischli & Weiss, Dan Graham, Rachel Whiteread, and Andrea Zittel, can live up to the curator's sweeping mandate remains to be seen.