• In Between

    Art Antwerp
    Verhoevenlei 78 Art Expo vzw
    June 1–October 31, 2000

    Twenty million visitors are expected at the first World Exposition to be held in Germany, and curators Wilfried Dickhoff and Kasper König plan to greet them with an experiment in “interstitial architecture”: a dozen “well-targeted incongruities” dotted across the Expo site. Carsten Höller and Rosemarie Trockel are devising a giant eyeball in which humans can commune with mechanical rats and pigeons; Roman Signer equips a 197-foot tower with a spinning flag; and Gabriel Orozco's half-underground Ferris wheel plunges sightseers into the bowels of the earth. Other contributors include Albert Oehlen, Maurizio Cattelan, Panamarenko, and Paul McCarthy. It's all “an art of non-indifferent being-in-between,” in Dickhoff's words—but fun too, by the sound of it.