• Elysian Fields: A Proposal from the Purple Institute

    Centre Pompidou
    Place Georges-Pompidou
    May 24–July 24, 2000

    Under the aegis of the Purple Institute, “a record label for the field of contemporary creation”—leave it to the French!—Elein Fleiss and Olivier Zahm apply the same fashion-fiction-sex formula that won attention for their Paris-based magazine Purple to an exhibition of works by some fifty artists and musicians exploring the subject of dreams. A series of pavilions will house creations by participants as diverse as Gerhard Richter, Sandra Cinto, and Alex Bag, accompanied by a sound track that boasts contributions from Sonic Youth, Tom Verlaine, and Jim O'Rourke. Swaddled in royal purple, the Elysian show may dethrone a few institutional pieties. A CD accompanies the 400-page illustrated catalogue, wholly unencumbered by text.