• What If: Art on the Verge of Architecture and Design

    Moderna Museet | Stockholm
    May 6–September 3, 2000

    Is the intense interest many artists show in fashion, architecture, and design symptomatic of a deep identity crisis? Or has art become a cannibalistic metagenre that will devour, well, anything in its path? This exhibition, curated by the Moderna Museet's Maria Lind, will showcase work by some thirty artists involved in the dialogue between art and the (relatively) nuts-and-bolts world of buildings, furniture and clothing. Along with the usual suspects—Sylvie Fleury, Jorge Pardo, Andrea Zittel—the thirty-odd invitees include the Scandinavian collectives Superflex and N 55. The show's theme extends to its catalogue (designed by artist Pae White) and installation (by Conceptualist Liam Gillick).