• L'Esprit de Tinguely

    Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg
    Hollerplatz 1
    May 20–October 3, 2000

    Joie de vivre—or a race against time? For Jean Tinguely, making art was clearly a matter of life and death. The playful, speed-loving inventor of drawing machines and self-destructing apparatuses mocked museums as “art cemeteries,” though his taste for wrecked car parts and animal skulls lent his later works the quality of memento mori. In-house curator Annelie Lütgens's and Kunstmuseum director Gijs van Tuyl's mission—and they have chosen to accept it—is to present Tinguely's oeuvre in its full diversity. Their career-spanning, seventy-odd-work roundup will be accompanied by an equally thorough catalogue. (This message will self-destruct in. . .)