• BodySpace

    Baltimore Museum of Art
    10 Art Museum Drive
    February 18–May 27, 2001

    Contemporary artists just can’t seem to leave Minimalism alone. In “BodySpace,” curator Helen Molesworth brings together nine who marry ’60s phenomenology to the identity-based, at times domestic content of the ’90s. Most of the participants here—Robert Gober, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Ernesto Neto—are household names, but a couple of others, like Sowon Kwon, have received less exposure. Their “spaces” are often loaded (e.g., Gonzalez-Torres’s kitschy beaded curtain), their “bodies” specific (Gober’s orifice-like drains). Stuffing the Minimalist shell with the metaphor and narrative it once stridently refused is a clever if by now familiar twist, and one that feels as oedipal as it is ideological.