• Victor Burgin

    Fundació Antoni Tàpies
    Aragó 255
    April 5–June 17, 2001

    Artist and essayist Victor Burgin is not easy to place. One of the first to employ photography and text to examine the construction of subjectivity by advertising and television and the technics of the gaze, the British artist bridges the worlds of ’60s photo-Conceptualism, the psychoanalytic and feminist milieu of Screen during its ’70s heyday, and the early ’80s “Pictures” scene. Subsequent video- and computer-based efforts engaging painting, photography, and film have readapted the social critique immanent in his approach for a “post-medium” moment. Burgin’s work has rarely been visible en masse. This retrospective should do much to clarify the artist’s substantial contribution to critical theory and practice over the last thirty years.